Fresh Business Branding Photos Are a Must: Here’s Why

If you’ve got a small business, you hopefully already know how important business branding photos are. But if not, let me remind you: if you are a small business owner, your brand is not just your logo, it’s you. It’s important to have great photos for your personal brand and products so that your customers can see you and your business in the very best light. If the photos on your website and social channels make you look friendly, open, and professional, customers will be more likely to take a chance on you. If the photos are poor quality and dated however, potential customers might assume the same about you and your business.

Business branding photos aren’t just a “one and done.”


Once you have beautiful business branding photos, potential customers will see your digital story. You or your product and your business can truly be seen at your best online and in print. But, like most of life, small businesses don’t just stay the same. You, your business, and your brand will change and grow over time and you might even add new products to your offerings. So, updates to your business branding and product photos are extremely important.


KWP Branding: Product Photography

Business branding photos should be accurate, so

“what you see is what you get.”


Let’s say you have a meeting with a potential customer. They’ve checked out your site, talked to you on the phone, and stalked your social channels. Yet, when they come in to meet you, they seem a little taken back at first. If your business branding photos are more than six months old, that could be why. If you have a different hair color, weight, or other physical change since your photos were last taken, it’s time for an update! It’s important for potential customers to get what they expect when they meet you. This goes for business spaces and products, too. If your office has a location or serious decor update, new photos are definitely in order. If you’re offering new products, getting those images out there to your customers is a must. Consumers are savvy these days and do a lot of online research: make sure your current branding photos give them a reasonable expectation of the current version of you and your business.

Let me help you show off your business and brand in the best possible light!


KWP Branding: Product Photography


I love shooting business branding sessions and helping your brand really come to life for your potential customers. It is a joy to meet with the same small business owners a few times a year and see how their brands have grown and are thriving. Using the same photographer through branding photo updates ensure that your brand message stays consistent even if your appearance or products have changed.

Message me today to book your session, and let’s get your business in the spotlight!

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