Update your headshot and business photos before it dates you!

Has it been months or maybe years since you’ve thought to update your headshot? It’s possible your headshot is really a bathroom selfie in disguise or maybe it doesn’t exist at all. My friend, we are living in the age of digital marketing and if your face isn’t in the game, consider your business unseen (literally!). Taking the time to update your headshot is important, and I’m going to give you five good reasons why.


  1. You want to gain trust. Let’s think this over, if you have an opportunity to do online business with two people. One has a smiling profile image and the other has none, who are you going to pick? That’s right. You’re going to pick the person you can see. You’ll relate to a smile and sincere facial expression way before picking Mr. or Ms. No-Photo.

professional headshot session

2. You want to establish your brand. Who’s hiding behind that logo? Show clients and prospects who they’re dealing with. You are your own brand, and using your own smiling face to portray that across social media is how the world will get to know you. Consumers will find familiarity in your face and, as a result, an added layer of trust.

3. You want to be unique. Consumers have many options when it comes to choosing a service provider. Use your headshot as an opportunity to stand up and out from the crowd. Be sure to use a photo that features a friendly approachable smile and is consistent across social media.

Headshot Session

4. You’re starting fresh.  Did you just take on a new role or new career altogether? Put your *current* face forward with updated headshots. Even if you haven’t changed occupations, it’s always best to make sure your headshot reflects the way you look, dress, and present in yourself public (well, most of the time anyway). Let’s make sure your photo represents your current hair color and branding so you can stay consistent across social media.

5. Your current headshot is a selfie. While rear-facing cameras and Instagram filters have amazing capabilities these days, nothing tops the quality of a photo taken in studio or on-location with perfectly balanced lighting; bokeh for days; and flawless retouching.


Now are you convinced it’s time to update your headshot? I thought so. I would love to help you a positive step forward in marketing yourself in a simple yet valuable way.



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